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Information for referring dentists

  • We invite you to speak to Dr. Crasta via telephone to discuss the needs of your patient. Informal inquiries are welcome.

  • At Townsville Periodontics and Dental Implants we aim to support our patients as well as all our referring dentists and hygienists in any way possible. Patients will be returned to their referring dentist after appropriate treatment has been completed.

  • Patients may be referred to us either by downloading our referral form and mailing or faxing it to us or by using the online referral portal on this page. You can email any appropriate patient radiographs or photos as an attachment to

  • For periodontitis referrals, it would be appreciated if a recent OPG (within the past 6 months) could be organised for the patient prior to their consultation appointment. If a recent OPG is already present then it would be appreciated if this could be Emailed or mailed to our practice or sent with the patient when they attend for their consultation appointment.

  • For implant surgery referrals,

    • If the missing tooth has been extracted over 3 months ago then it would be appreciated if a CT scan could be organised for the patient prior to their consultation appointment. No OPG is required as this information will be on the CT scan.

    • For teeth that have been missing for less than 3 months or for teeth that are yet to be extracted prior to implant placement, Dr. Crasta shall organise the CT scan at the appropriate time. It would be appreciated if a recent OPG could be provided to the patient to exclude any periodontal disease.

  • Download referral form

  • Online Referral Portal for Referrers

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    For The Consult :  Please contact the patient to organise a consult appt. Do not contact the patient. Patient will contact you to organise a consult appt.
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