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Remote Patients
At Townsville Periodontics and Dental Implants we regularly see patients from remote locality, country or even international localities. These patients have different requirements for their periodontal treatment as long travel distances mean that it is often unreasonable or impossible for them to attend for multiple appointments.

Can you formulate a treatment plan, including approximate costings, for me prior to the first appointment?

Yes, provided a current OPG radiograph and some relevant clinical information can be emailed or mailed to us by you or your referring dentist. However, this is on the condition that it is not always possible to diagnose the extent and severity of periodontal disease based on radiographs alone and that clinical findings on presentation can sometimes cause modifications to be made to the treatment plan.

Can you perform the consultation and all treatment in the one appointment?

Absolutely. This is often important for country patients in order to make the logistics of transport easier. Generally, for patients in remote localities who seek treatment for periodontal disease, a visit to Townsville Periodontics and Dental Implants would involve a 2-hour appointment for a consult, oral hygiene instructions and periodontal debridement of all the teeth, enabling the patient to attend and leave the same day without having to spend the night in Townsville. Any appointments required can be organised by our reception over the phone.

In the case of referral for implant surgery, it is important that any active infection in the mouth is first treated and eliminated. If the tooth has been missing for over 3 months then a CBCT scan of the area can be taken at the appointment so that the bone volume in the area can be assessed thoroughly. If the scan shows adequate bone for implant placement then a dental implant can be placed at the same appointment. If the scan reveals inadequate bone then a bone graft may have to be placed in the area followed by dental implant placement at a subsequent date.

What about post-operative care?

Thorough oral and written post-op instructions will be provided after treatment. If periodontal or implant surgery is required then dissolvable stitches will be utilised and antibiotic coverage provided so that the patient does not have to return for a post-operative review. If required, the periodontist can provide any advice or instructions required over the phone.

If travelling from a distant location, you may find the following maps to be of use in locating us.

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